Yes, I admit, I am not what I am without you.

To be frank, you and I want to tell only those stories that are compelling, distinctive, and true. And you know, promoting science, techno-creative, and societal developmental ideas weaved into our mundane life and depicting such stories is the best possible way to harness the mindsets to support nation-building.

Culture, knowledge, and hardworking are the essentials of humanity. This is how we’ve survived all the adversities. This is how we’ve developed ourselves into the present way of living style. Let’s cherish empathy, compassion, and humility through nobility in art and culture. Let’s keep our deep and organic love for creativity to make us special.

We have a production house that has always been at the forefront, wielding the magic wand, telling the stories in motion. Just invest your brain and heart to propel all in unison…